About the CRFF

The Colorado River Fall Festival (CRFF) is a York Rite Festival that confers all the Degrees and Orders of the York Rite except for Super Excellent Master.

The Festival is held over three consecutive days in October by the Companions and Sir Knights from Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah and currently meet at the Riverside Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada….about an hour south of Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is supported, but not financed or specifically operated, by any of the Grand York Rite Bodies. It is guided by a committee of individual Companions and Sir Knights from each of the five jurisdictions who meet once each year at the CRFF to finalize details for the current year and devise plans for ensuing years. The CRFF Committee also confers by telephone and Email during the year. The Committee from each jurisdiction is responsible for the ritualistic work assigned to them, coordinating with their Grand Bodies as well as the general publicity surrounding the event.

The first CRFF was held in 1991 in Bullhead City, Arizona and was strictly an Arizona festival. A number of Companions from California and Nevada were present and, after conferring the Degrees and Orders on 42 Candidates, expressed a desire to participate the following year.

In 1992 it was again held in Bullhead City with about 40 Candidates and ritualistic participation from Arizona, California and Nevada. It was no longer an Arizona event.

As it had quickly outgrown the facilities available, it was moved across the Colorado River to Laughlin, Nevada and has been there ever since. In later years, New Mexico and Utah joined in with the CRFF.
The Colorado River Fall Festival has met every year since 1991 with the exception of 2020 and 2021 because of the COVID-19 restrictions. It has received excellent cooperation from not only the individual Grand Bodies but also the General Grand Bodies and Grand Encampment.

CRFF has conferred the Degrees and Orders on over 1300 Candidates from 10 jurisdictions. There are normally between 35 and 50 Candidates per class with between 100 and 150 Companions, Sir Knights and Ladies attending. In addition to the conferrals there is a Banquet and a Ladies program.

In the past there has been a “Survivor’s Party” on our last day. If there are any Ladies present who are eligible for the Royal Arch Widow’s Degree – King Solomon makes an appearance.

Meeting in Nevada, the CRFF is governed by their rules. Fortunately, the CRFF has a very good working relationship with the Grand York Rite of Nevada and the waters are seldom troubled.

Constituent Bodies in Las Vegas, Henderson and/or Boulder City move their Charters to Laughlin for the Festival. All Candidates must be “courtesied” by the Constituent Bodies who have elected them.

The Colorado River Fall Festival is not a constituent body, has no membership and cannot elect nor confer Degrees and Orders. The conferrals are done by the Nevada Bodies who invite Bodies from Arizona, California, New Mexico and Utah to do additional ritualistic work.

The Mohave York Rite Bodies, based in Kingman, Arizona, handles all the administrative and financial aspects of the CRFF.

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