For the Ladies

Ladies’ Luncheon

Tuesday, October 22, 2024

Join us for lunch, fellowship, and an opportunity to give to others.

In keeping with the theme of this year’s charity, please wear your favorite dress or blouse, your newest dress or blouse, or a garment that you made yourself.

Dress a GirlEach year, the ladies of the Colorado River Fall Festival give to a charitable organization.  This year’s designated charity is Dress a Girl Around the World, a program of Hope 4 Women International.

Dress a Girl provides a new dress for a girl in a developing country.  This program has provided over 3 million dresses to girls in 90 countries.

How you can get involved:

Bring 1 yard or more of 100% cotton fabric to the luncheon.  Quilting cotton from Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, or your local quilt shop is best.  The fabric will be passed on to a ladies’ ministry that will construct the dresses, then pack and ship them for distribution to girls worldwide. There is no limit of how many yards we will accept.

Here are the guidelines for the fabric:

  • 100% cotton fabric is preferred. The dresses may be washed in rivers, creeks, and watering holes, and may be scrubbed with rocks.  Only cotton can withstand this treatment.
  • Avoid white fabric or thin fabric. It is important to maintain the girls’ dignity and their skin would show through white or thin fabric.
  • Avoid using fabric that has: American/patriotic, Halloween, Christmas or other holiday motifs, Disney or any characters, any printed English words. None of these designs would be appropriate in a foreign country.

If you like to sew and want to construct a dress instead of, or in addition to, bringing fabric please contact Anne Johnson (call or text) at (928) 241-8645. 

I will provide you with information about patterns and notions that meet Dress a Girl guidelines.

*We have been asked by event organizers to please wear our Royal Arch widow pin, your York Rite ladies’ award, or any Masonic pin at all times.

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