Update: July 3, 2024

CRFF Registration Information – revised 3 Jul 2024

Thank you for coming to the Colorado River Fall Festival!

Please check with the CRFF website for additional and updated information. www.crff.org

NOTE:  If your CRFF website shows 2019….refresh your browser.

We will be meeting in a couple of months. I hope you are as excited as we are!

If you need additional Banquet tickets – Ladies Luncheon tickets – Survivor’s Party tickets – Royal Arch Widow’s Degree signups….

             see Pete Stronge or John Huth at registration or respond to this EMail.

Don’t forget, Sunday only, from 12:30 to 5:30 PM = Masonic Swap Meet next to CRFF Registration!

         Anything (except guns – bring a picture) Masonically related to buy, sell or raffle. Fundraisers are absolutely welcome. NO TABLE CHARGE.

The only real changes since you registered are:


Please…don’t be a “no-show”. Contact us immediately if you need to cancel. Although past the deadline…you may get some type of refund.

Arriving at the Riverside Hotel (www.riversidecasinoandresort.com):

Hotel Check in is on the ground floor. Check in time is 3 PM…rooms may be ready prior to that – but don’t bank on it. Come to CRFF Registration while you are waiting.

                       If there is a mix-up or problems at Hotel Check in > contact Pete Stronge or John Huth in Harbor Port 1.

If you are sharing with someone who has purchased a room through CRFF – make sure CRFF registration knows about it immediately as the hotel needs to know who is staying in the room

An EMail to 1992crff1992@gmail.com will handle this if not noted on your registration.

Handicap: If you were unable to obtain a Handicap Room, you may order shower chair and/or raised toilet seats at check in.

Hotel Check out is 11:00 AM. If you have not reserved a room for Tuesday evening – you must be out of the room by 11:00 AM. The conferrals will not end before 4:00 PM Tuesday.

More Hotel Room information at the end.

CRFF Registration is in the North Tower – 2nd floor – Harbor Port 1 / Sunday.

CRFF Registration is open Sunday from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

Monday – 6:30 AM to Opening & 1:00 to Opening  Starview Room

Tuesday – 7:00 to Commandery Opening               Starview Room

Note: Confirming…..Mon & Tue we will be in Starview prior to opening

ATTENTION!  Everyone must be personally registered individually with the CRFF – either by mail, on line or on site. There is no “group” registration. Your Secretary/Recorder will not register for you.

First> go to General Registration which is along the right wall as you enter.

Pick up your registration package and make sure everything is in order.

> If you have not registered – go to the far end of the table and it will be done. Cash or check only.

You will be issued a name tag – be sure to wear it at all times.

If you wish to purchase additional Banquet tickets or Ladies Luncheon –  go to the far end of the table . Sorry, no credit cards.


  1. If you are or have a Candidate, take him to Candidate Registration which is along the back wall.
  2. Pick up your Candidate information and meet the Candidate Registrar, David Stankow, and his assistant, Rod Wagoner. They will have more information for you as well as checking you against the list of registered Candidates.
  3. The Secretary / Recorder of the Bodies you are joining should have sent a “Request” for you to the Candidate Registrar, David Stankow. If he did not send that “Request” – the Candidate will be unable to receive the Degrees & Orders. As you read this (like right NOW) – contact the Sec / Rec to inquire about his “Request”.On our CRFF.org webpage we have a section designated “Sec/Rec Courtesy Form“. This is what needs to be completed and sent to the Candidate Registrar by his Sec/Rec.

Third> you are free until 7:00 PM Sunday when you (and anybody else) will learn the nuts and bolts of York Rite Masonry, how it connects with Blue Lodge Masonry, the intricacies, colors, titles and your participation in Colorado River Fall Festival. This is for general backgound and not for memorization.

We will have a Masonic Yard Sale in Harbor Port 2. Be sure and visit – lots of trinkets and collectables. If you have something – bring it, no charge for the setup or table.

The Hospitality Room will be set up in the North Tower – room to be announced.

Again at 7:00 PM in the Starview Room is an Orientation session that is open to the public. It is interactive so come armed with questions.

Fourth>  If you are a CRFF Committeeman – there is a meeting in Harbor Port 1 at 5:30 PM.

     If you are on the leadership of a Degree Team – there is a meeting in Harbor Port 1 at 6:00 PM to iron out details.
     If you have a Candidate –  at 7:00 PM in the Starview Room is an Orientation session that is open to the public. You are free to join in any way and it is open to the public.

 Fifth> You are now free until the Conferral’s which begin at 7:15 AM on Monday in the Starview Room. Please don’t oversleep.

More Room information at the end.

CRFF Masonic Flea Market (Sunday only):

We will open Harbor Port 2 & 3 (next to CRFF Registration) for a Masonic flea market.If you wish to buy, sell or trade Masonic items – grab a table (no charge) and set up.First come / first serve – no table reservations.

If you don’t arrive on Sunday >

On Monday and Tuesday mornings CRFF Registration will be in the Starview Room until the conferrals begin.

Conferrals (Starview Room Monday & Tuesday):

  • Restrooms are located on the left side of the stage in the back of the room.
  • Our conferral’s are relaxed but not resort style. So dress comfortably as though you are going to Lodge. Suits and ties are unnecessary – sandals, shorts and tee shirts frowned upon.
  • Water is available in the Starview Room. but you may consider bringing a bottle (of water) with you.
  • Although the chairs are padded, you will be sitting for long periods. We suggest you bring an extra cushion.
  • At the beginning of each Degree and Order there will be a roll call. We are like Lodge, each Degree is a prerequisite before the next is given. If the Candidate oversleeps and misses a Degree, he has just cancelled the rest of his work.
  • At the end of each Degree (and sometimes in the middle), the Master of Ceremonies, Jed Holley, will call a break and notify you when to return.
  • Remember, the hotel has no clocks and the attractions can be mesmerizing..

Banquet (Starview Room Monday):

CRFF Banquets are long on socializing and short on speeches. There is a DJ (Bill Burrows) and dance floor – he does take requests. He is a Past High Priest and currently Illustrious Master in Kingman, AZ.

Jed Holley is the Master of Ceremonies…see him for anything regarding requests. Pete Stronge or John Huth for reserving tables (in advance).

There are the mandatory introductions and a couple of presentations…we’ll keep it short.

There is a no-host bar in the room.

There is no “head table” but there are reserved tables. We do not allow Candidates to sit alone. If you see a Candidate sitting alone…please invite him to your table or fill his.


Tuxedo or formal gown is usually too much. Shorts & Tees too little. There is a KYCH meeting immediately prior to the Banquet – feel free to wear your Tux.

For the men – slacks & dress shirt – you can add a tie & coat. Wear red, purple or Commandery Uniform (no swords please)…but plenty of pins, jewels & medals!

For the Ladies – dressy pants suit or cocktail dress. Ladies….this is the time to wear all your Masonic jewelry!

For both – dancing shoes!

Breakfast / Lunch options:

A huge problem we have is the short periods of time and long lines at the eating facilities during the times allotted for breakfast & lunch during your conferrals. You might consider having something available to you in your room.

Get a King of Clubs card (http://www.riversideresort.com/riverside-resort-casino-gaming-riverside-resort-casino-promotions/).


Sidewalk Cafe snack bar / main floor near South Tower elevators / Open 24′.

Riverview Restaurant / main floor in the northeast corner of the building / Open 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

Various coffee & donut shops / main floor in the north area of the building / Open various times.


Sidewalk Cafe snack bar / main floor near South Tower elevators / Open 24′.

Riverview Restaurant / main floor in the northeast corner of the building / Open 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

Riverside Buffet / main floor next to Riverview Restaurant / Open Monday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM – Tuesday 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Casa Serano / west of Casino Drive – access over bridge 2nd floor of North Tower / Open 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM / may order To Go.

Casino West snack bar / west of Casino Drive – access over bridge 2nd floor of North Tower / Open 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Bingo Parlor snack bar / North Tower 2nd floor across from Harbor Port 1 / Open 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM

Various coffee & donut shops / main floor in the north area of the building / Open various times.

NOTE: The Bowling Alley snack bar is closed on Monday & Tuesday.

                       NOTE:Please let the Candidate’s in line in front of you – their time is very limited.

Ladies Program:

We have the Banquet on Monday evening in the Starview Room.

There is also a Ladies luncheon on Tuesday at 11:30 AM. The Ladies have a great time. Bridgeview Room in the North Tower.

The theme this year is: Dress a Girl Around the World, a program of Hope 4 Women International.

Ladies are asked to bring & donate:

1 yard or more of 100% cotton fabric to the luncheon.

Quilting cotton from Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, or your local quilt shop is best.

The fabric will be passed on to a ladies’ ministry that will construct the dresses, then pack and ship them for distribution to girls worldwide.
There is no limit of how many yards we will accept.

Anne Johnson (Pete Johnson’s Lady) is the leader of the Ladies – look for her at CRFF registration on Sunday or out and about.

Ladies…please wear your Royal Arch Widows lapel pin and/or Sweetheart / Lady of the Council / Companion of the Temple etc at all times.


Royal Arch Widows Degree:

This Degree is for all  Ladies who are widows on Chapter night (not a real Widow – just home alone).

King Solomon and his entourage shall make an appearance to confer a “Royal Arch Widows Degree”.

$15 initiation fee – all profits will be donated to Royal Arch Research Assistance.
Time is 6:30 PM Tuesday at Harbor Port 1.

NOTICE: All Ladies who have been previously conferred the Royal Arch Widows Degree must:

  1. Wear their RAW lapel pin (pins on hand for purchase).
  2. Show their RAW membership card and/or diploma.

KYCH Meeting:

Monday, October 21 at 4:00 PM in Harbor Port 1.

Arizona Priory No. 34 and Purple Sage Priory No. 83 will be convening the first ever joint meeting.  Be part of KYCH history!

Tuxedos & Jewels.


Hospitality Room (North Tower Room TBA):

Open Sunday 4 to 10 / Monday & Tuesday 12 to 10 (hours subject to change)

If you desire an Executive Suite immediately next to or near Hospitality….let us know and we will make it happen (if available).

Our great Wayne Wissinger, CRFF Director of Libations, will again be your host!

Clocks & Time:

No clocks in the Hotel! Don’t lose your situational awareness while winning at the tables.

Nevada time is the same as California & Nevada.

New Mexico & Utah….Nevada is one hour earlier than you.

Refund Policy:

Cancellations prior to October 10:

Full refund.

Cancellations between Oct 11 & the Tuesday before the Festival:

Full refund except registration fee.

After the Tuesday before the Festival but before Sunday of the Festival::

Full refund except reservation fee and one room night if Lodging purchased through CRFF.

Miss the Festival and not contact us:

Thank you for your donation

Please…don’t be a “no-show”. Contact us immediately if you need to cancel. Although past the deadline…you may get some type of refund.

Hotel Miscellaneous Room information:


South Tower – Adults only swimming pool. Oasis Bar & Fire Pit

North Tower – Family friendly swimming Pool. CRFF Hospitality Room.


Check in:     4:00 PM Sunday / Check out:  11:00 AM

Basic WiFi / Refrigerator / Coffee maker / Local & 800 telephone / Safe

All Executive / Mini-Executive / King / river view 2 Queen face the river.

All basic rooms face the mountains.

All rooms are non-smoking unless specifically reserved.

Basic Room:     2 Queen Bed facing mountains

Upgraded Basic: 2 Queen Bed facing river

King Bed:             King Bed / river view

Mini-Executive:     King Bed / river view

Executive:             King Bed facing river / river view / balcony / sitting area

Special Requests (only at Hotel check in):

Request the following at Hotel check-in:

Handicap raised toilet seats & shower chairs.

Rollaway bed or crib ($10 extra charge at check in)

Pet Room (additional $50/day charge at check in – must have Pet Room reserved in advance – 30# maximum weight).

Violation Fines:

Smoking in non-smoking room or any balcony:                  $250

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